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Custom Printing
At Shirts by the Shore, we use a method of textile cresting called "screen printing".
This is the process of passing ink through a stenciled or "burned in" screen, one colour at a time onto an article of clothing, paper or signboard, and then sending the printed piece through a dryer.  This is not to be confused with "heat applied transfers"  which may sometimes be cheaper, but are limited and do not last as long or look as professional.

Chili Cook Off 1999 T's Click for Closer View
Shirts by the Shore is now set up to print up to 6 colours, and we can also use elements such as halftones and process inks (see below) to create the effect that there are more colours present.  

We can also create cool effects in our prints by using special inks.  We currently have many florescent and metallic inks.  We can even make your image Glow in the Dark!

We do not only print T-shirts!
At Shirts by the Shore we can also print Sweatshirts, Jackets, Shorts, Pants, Baby T's, Spaghetti Strap Shirts, Canvas Bags, Hats, Sport Bags, Magnets, Paper Prints, Mouse Pads, Binders/Book Covers, Pennants, Signs, Ties,  and More!  
Interested in Screen Printed Cups, Mugs or Glasses?  We can design and order them for you!
Note: Jackets, Pants and Shorts cannot have liner.  We cannot print on silk, we CAN print nylon with up to two colours.

Halftone is the process of using dots to make a solid colour at 100% appear to be a lighter colour.  The more dots that are present per inch, the darker the colour will appear, the less dots there are, the lighter the colour will be.

Process inks come in four colours, cyan, magenta, yellow and black. They work the same way your colour ink jet printer does by blending these four colours to create more colours.

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