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Price Quote

To the left, you will find our "ball park" price list.  Quoting a custom job is not easy. We have to factor in many variables, including clothing type and style, quantity of order, the colour to be used in the print, artwork, and logo placement.  Exact details must be known in order to place a fair and accurate estimate.  

If you are interested in a more accurate price quote, send the following information via fax, e-mail or snail mail using the addresses on our contact page!

Personal Information (include area code)
Fax Number:_______________________
Phone Number:_____________________

Order Information
Type of Clothing (T-shirts? Sweatshirts? Hats? Canvas Bags? Etc...)

Colour of Clothing

Brand optional, for info, see quality brand name clothing

Include sizes, IE. 12 small, 5 medium, 7 large......

Number of Colours in Design
We can print up to 6 colours, you may choose to be quoted on more than one amount for comparison


Special Instructions or Additional Prints
All the above info assumes that your clothing will have a print either on the front or back.  If you wish to add additional prints, IE. the sleeve, or both back and front, please specify.

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